Negril All Age School

When Black Girls Rum ‘n Reggae running group, a US based group located in Northern California participated in the 2014 Reggae Marathon, they, coordinated with Diane Ellis, Marketing & Sponsorship Director for Reggae Marathon, to identify a worthy community project that would enable their running group to give back to the local community while in Negril.

Diane suggested the Negril All Age School (NAAS) since they were in need of running shoes for the teams that participate in races throughout western Jamaica.

This particular project resonated with Black Girls Rum ‘n Reggae because each runner in the group is on their own individual fitness journeys, and although each are at various levels of fitness, they all appreciate the fact that their health is their wealth.

The group’s ability to help these children develop a love for physical activity along with the other benefits from participating in school sports (i.e., self-discipline, developing leadership and team –building skills, etc.) made this opportunity a no-brainer for them.

The group collected and provided running shoes for students and the shoes were very much appreciated. The group toured the school, learned about the Jamaican education system, and spent time with the students.

The time spent with NAAS students and staff was easily the most rewarding and enriching part of their trip.


During our visit, the group realized there was a real need for football (soccer) shoes for the boys at the school. The Group committed to collect shoes for the football team and gear for the girl’s netball team and in December 2015, presented them to the students.

Black Girls Rum ‘n Reggae will continue to support the NAAS sports programs and will also look for ways to expand their support to the school through other projects as identified by the faculty and staff.

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